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The Past

2016-06-07 19:14:47 by CaplHelix

Remember when I posted art here? I don't anymore... FOR NOW!


2016-04-16 01:08:20 by CaplHelix

All of my art on here is very horrible . _ .

I'm doing it!

2016-03-09 18:44:53 by CaplHelix

Look! I am putting art up on twitter! I also may do some art again for newgrounds, but I don't know if it's okay to put pictures of my drawings like I did on twitter... I just don't feel like doing art with a mouse ever


2016-02-28 18:24:18 by CaplHelix

I am back on some other websites. Not my blog though.

Being Social can HELP?!

2016-02-28 17:34:41 by CaplHelix

Oh boy I wish I had Sai (PaintTool Sai), but I don't kno what site. When i asked Juice/Justin he said taht a friend gave it to him so he didn't know. UGH! Makeing friends is not going to be easy, but ONE DAY I MIGHT!! Then I mught make a friend that will tell me how to get sai... but for now, it's Flash CS3 and Gimp. I really need to do art again soon, and I WILL! As for those things I did but haven't posted, I will probably do a solid color background just to make things easier. Good Day!

What a slippery slope!

2016-02-23 21:48:44 by CaplHelix

AGAIN! I basically keep falling out of existence repeatedly for varying reasons. I will attempt to stay on the ball! I haven't done anything for my planned game recently, but I have been assured that my friend is indeed working on the 3D game, but since it is a first for both of us, (I say this loosely for him because he did make a small project a few months back where he made an FPS with objects made in unity with rrectangles but he never finished it or did much with it), we are both going a bit slow, I really hate modeling humanoids, so it is mainly going to have robots, simplistic ones, I like doing those... ALSO, I have been doing a bit more art for stuff other than games, just for the sake of doing it. I can't think of backgrounds though, so I haven't posted any yet. I guess that's all to say. As you were!

I sure am smart (This is a lie)

2016-02-10 20:56:49 by CaplHelix

Oh boy! I am the smartest in the world. I have been focusing on software to do art a bit better, but I never thought to look for a graphics tablet. Well done, me. Well, anyone who may give a bother, any suggestions as to which one to look into? I used a Wacom tablet at one point (I'm not sure which one), but I was only borrowing for Cleanse. At that point I was just plain HORRIBLE at art in general. For some odd reason I thought the drawing tablet had something to do with it...? I still don't know where I had gotten that idea.

Great, I did it again.

2016-02-07 18:58:04 by CaplHelix

So once again I fell into an internet limbo. I have been forgetting to make assets for my game, and I haven't posted anything on, well, any website in a while. I hope I don't keep doing this. Oh well, what can I do about the past? Well I need to start doing 3D again soon, I have a friend who said they are willing to do a game in 3D with me, I have been meaning to do models for the environment, but so far I've only done the character and a broken enemy that has eyes that do NOT like to move with the rest of the head. TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK!

I mean my art software or whatever you would call it by that title. For you see boys and girls, and children of the world, I use Adobe Flash CS3, I am at least 3 versions behind, but one of my friends told me not to even use flash and use something more suited to static images rather than being geared toward animation. I am on the search for a program, and one day I might actually feel like BUYING ONE! Until then though I am to use Flash CS3.

Happy Newyear Boys and Girls

2016-01-01 00:09:50 by CaplHelix

I hope you all know it is Newyears day now. If you don't, it probably isn't midnight yet wherever you are. Well eitherway, it is that day for me now. Not much else to say to be honest. Stop reading this now and enjoy your night/day.