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Not exactly sure what to do.

2015-12-30 12:05:15 by CaplHelix

So here I am, all alone now. I figured, now I won't have anyone telling me what to do, and programming will be easy, but I only know jumping, and walking so far. I will hav to wait on some of my big ideas, but I have a few that may be possible soon, so just wait all you people out there. You will be my victims.

Hey! I'm alive again!

2015-12-26 19:01:46 by CaplHelix

Well, I am back from the grave, well, more like I am back from being buried in my living room. But either way I am alive again. I know, it's a Christmas miracle, that guy no one really knows is back on the internet. Wow. What fun. Well, now I am working on my own games, in a way... I am using Unity and know VERY basic C#. Ain't taht fun? Well, I guess it could become fun a some point. Well have a good day, or night, depending on when you are reading this.

That Joe Guy

2015-08-26 00:36:44 by CaplHelix

So everyone, we have a new official member! Joe Swensen has joined the team. As you may know, Joe used to be just our music person that would come in for a few games, but now he is really a part of us. Joe is also going to do a remix of micromasher music fo us. We are working on a secret game at the moment, but like i said I can't do much art, and it is in prototype stages at the moment. Let's bloody it up in here.


2015-08-25 02:09:38 by CaplHelix

Today I saw a buffalo ranch, it made me think of sheep. Imagine beinga farm sheep, you are all warm and stuff, then ALL OF A SUDDEN, YOUR WOOL IS ALL GONE! WHERE DID IT GO?! WHO KNOWS! PROBABLY ON SOME LITTLE FAT 4 YEAR OLD'S SWEATER! Ew gross, they are probably throwing up on it. The life a sheep leads is not a happy one....

The World Wide Cobbweb

2015-08-23 00:07:27 by CaplHelix

So I am in the woods again, in my cabin.And I will tell you somethin', I HATE THIS INTERNET! OH HOW IT IS SLOW! It also cut out sometimes, which is also bad. Other than that it is a fun time. IEverytime I try to sleep, a mossquito goes in my ear, HOW FUN IS THAT?! Well not fun at all really, and I can brley do art in these chairs I got, they have tight, wierd arms that dont allow my arms to move like I do when I draw. Well that gives me incouragement to go to town and socialize at least. That's all today, WAIT! SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I AM NOT FINISHED SPEAKING! I cannot update my blog, I tried to on both my laptop and my tower, and neither of them worked, so I will post on Newgrounds more these days. So I am pretty sure THAT was all.

Some Stuff

2015-08-13 22:37:47 by CaplHelix

So as you may of already heard, we canceled Thumbscrew. We made the game, we played it, it was REALLY EASY, and BORING! You people don't want easy and boring, do you? Well you don't COUNT, RON! Anyways. We are still working on Game 2. We have decided to work with Ferr2d instead of just using tiles. Tiles were so, restricted, now we can get all KINDS OF SHAPES AND POINTS! GOOD BYE SQUARES, HELLO ROUNDED TERRAIN!

In other news, we got fan-art for Micromasher on Wednesday morning from MothmanAssociation!

Game 2?!

2015-07-10 00:12:32 by CaplHelix

We have began development on our newest game! I aint' gunna tell you much, other than it is going to be GREAT! Well it is much bigger than Micromasher as well, and you will be very surprised by this release! I am on vacation at SECRET LOCATION, and boy, is it fun in SECRET LOCATION! Although due to my chair that I have, my art skill s are impaired ;^;! BUT DON'T WORRY FOLKS! I am just a bit slower at producing art, so development will be a bit slow. So THAT'S THAT I GUESS!


2015-07-01 16:16:18 by CaplHelix

Oops am i a bit late? OF COURSE I AM! As you all know by now we released Micromasher, a game about microbes and such, if you didn't know, than where have you been?! JEEZ! IT WAS LIKE A MONTH AGO, maybe less, BUT SHUSH! I AM NOT QUITE DONE YET! So settle down and quit the popcorn making, this isn't gunna be THAT long! We started development on a new game! PLUS we got a new music man! So that's good! Now go and inform your peers about the OTHER WORLDLY NEWS I have spilled on your brain!