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What a slippery slope!

2016-02-23 21:48:44 by CaplHelix

AGAIN! I basically keep falling out of existence repeatedly for varying reasons. I will attempt to stay on the ball! I haven't done anything for my planned game recently, but I have been assured that my friend is indeed working on the 3D game, but since it is a first for both of us, (I say this loosely for him because he did make a small project a few months back where he made an FPS with objects made in unity with rrectangles but he never finished it or did much with it), we are both going a bit slow, I really hate modeling humanoids, so it is mainly going to have robots, simplistic ones, I like doing those... ALSO, I have been doing a bit more art for stuff other than games, just for the sake of doing it. I can't think of backgrounds though, so I haven't posted any yet. I guess that's all to say. As you were!


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